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Highlighting the stark contradictions present in the southwestern landscape of its home Albuquerque NM, 1987 has created a singular style that combines techniques traditionally utilized by old masters with contemporary imagery and design. A nostalgic connection to the past is communicated through finite meticulous detail, while industrial and natural elements find ways to coexist harmoniously.  The timeless nature of classic car's intricately engraved metalwork, the compositions of fine letterpress and the depth created in finely carved antique furniture all assisted in capturing a level of enchantment in each piece. 

1987 is the destination for vintage inspired designs for those who live through art, music and travel. It utilizes its extensive knowledge base to produce one of a kind pieces in concentrations of metalwork, leather and fine jewelry. Each piece consists of only the highest quality materials and was made with processes that ensure the integrity of the work through the test of time. More than just a design brand, 1987 aims to create a lifestyle that pays homage to timeless designs and past techniques that were utilized during a time when quality of craftsmanship, technical skill and artistry were perfectly balanced.